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I PTV technology offers various services beside the legacy Live TV Channels. Indeed all those services which are enabled by broadband internet. For example Health services, Education services. e-Learning, electricity bill collection, bill collection, mobile top ups, railway reservation, Insurance Premium collection, advertising, job portal, gas booking, examination results etc etc. List is long. Service Providers imagination is the limit.

So far, most efforts have centred on matching the offerings of incumbent TV service providers with basic and premium packaging of linear programming, VOD and DVRs. However, there are many areas for potential enhancement: such as Buddy lists, presence and messaging , Ratings, Recommendation engines, Online communities, Multiplayer online Games, Online shopping. The range of possible applications is almost limitless, but in practice the level of participation is strongly linked to TV programming. Most consumers do not yet consider TV to be an interactive medium, so they typically interact only when prompted to do so by a presenter or on-screen messaging, including advertising. DDC offers IPTV Service to its subscribers. Some of the services mentioned above shall be available initially , yet others will follow depending upon the interest shown by subscribers.

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